AUDIO RECORDED: 12/03/2021

Analyst ███████
Site-231 Intelligence Division

MTF Operative Apprentice STRAC
Reserve Detachment


INTERVIEWER: I'm Analyst ███████, here debriefing Operative Apprentice Strac regarding the events of the 7th of March, 2021. State your name and position.
STRAC: Strac. MTF Reserve Operator.
INTERVIEWER: In what capacity did you serve on the night of the event?
STRAC: Was simply a grunt for the officer's doings, nothing special.
INTERVIEWER: Who was in command of the mission?
STRAC: The detachment leader, Whitestrake. I was part of his Alpha team. Why the interview? I filled out a report already.
INTERVIEWER: We just need to confirm some details from the reports we've been given. So- Operator, why are you still wearing a gas mask?
(Several seconds of silence.)
STRAC: I always wear a gas mask.
(The sounds of papers sliding across a table, followed by a sigh.)
INTERVIEWER: Anyway, in your report, you stated you saw an 'unnatural formation' of fog. Is that correct?
STRAC: Fog... Hell, we were on a large hill and it was raining. Could've been a low passing cloud for all I know. It was just cold, s'why I mentioned it.
INTERVIEWER: Are you sure, Operator? Is there something you're not telling me?
STRAC: Look - I saw fog on the ground. That's it.
INTERVIEWER: What about the warping you saw at the checkpoint? And the disembodied voices in the field, mentioned in other Operators' reports?
STRAC: Warping? Not a bloody clue. I told you it was raining, some drops probably got on the NVG tubes. The only thing I heard all night was rain.
INTERVIEWER: Your report states it had ceased raining by the time you'd discovered the first checkpoint, Operator.
STRAC: I said I don't remember, cука. I was wet, tired, and disoriented. The only thing that's clear is moving up to the first objective and pulling security for 25 minutes. Got the order from Whitestrake to mount up and return to base.
(Several seconds pass, with the sounds of a folder opening and paper shuffling.)
INTERVIEWER: In the commander's report, he mentioned the vehicles were already parked nearby your objective when the recall order was received. In both of your reports, those vehicles were left back at ███████. How is that possible?
STRAC: I don't know. Someone must have ordered them up while we were gathering intel. I was making sure our security was set up.
INTERVIEWER: Yes, setting up security. According to the reports, literally everyone was setting up security. Who was actually investigating the SUV?
STRAC: What..? I do what I'm ordered to do. I don't know - nor did I care - who was checking out the vic. You're giving me a bloody headache.
(Several seconds of silence.)
INTERVIEWER: Moving on, then. I have here on the checkout form that you retrieved a custom AK-556 'Spetsnaz' with a suppressor from the armoury for this mission, is that right?
STRAC: Yes. What of it?
INTERVIEWER: The gunsmith indicated the weapon had been recently discharged. More importantly, he passed it to the forensic team to identify what he described as an 'oily black residue' on the muzzle exterior. The forensic team hasn't yet been able to figure it out. Can you explain that?
(Several more seconds pass in silence.)
STRAC: I- I don't know. It was clean when I took it out. Like I said before, we just waited around, then returned to ███████.
INTERVIEWER: Hmm. Well, we're almost done. Another question...
(A clack of hard plastic as something is placed on the table, then slid across.)
INTERVIEWER: Can you confirm for me that this is the helmet camera you used on the mission?
STRAC: Yes, still in working order, and cleaned. As I always keep it.
INTERVIEWER: There was just one issue identified when you handed it in. It was missing the memory card. Operator, where did the memory card go?
STRAC: I don't know. I could've forgotten it before we left for the mission. It can happen.
INTERVIEWER: Operator, the checkout sheet listed a memory card for that camera, which was never returned. You know the consequences for failing to hand in information or data after a mission.
(A flurry of movement and a chair scraping as someone stands up abruptly.)
STRAC: (In a raised voice) Yeah, I know! I'm loyal, I'm not hiding anything! It seriously could've fallen out mid mission. Those vehicles are bumpy as hell!
INTERVIEWER: (Also in a raised voice) Calm yourself, Operator! Do I need to have you subdued?
(More movement as someone drops back into a chair.)
STRAC: (At a normal volume) No... I just don't want to be accused of something I didn't do.
(Several seconds pass in silence.)
INTERVIEWER: That will be all, Operator. We will follow up again at a later date. You can leave.
STRAC: До свидания... Cука.


The following video was retrieved from an SD card found amongst Operative STRAC's personal effects (during a search of his quarters conducted during the above interview):