RECORDED: 29/03/2016

Analyst ██████
Site-231 Intelligence Division

MTF Operative Apprentice PILGRIM
Combat Medic, Hoplite 1-1


(Sound of a door opening and closing followed by footsteps as Analyst ██████ enters the room and takes a seat opposite an MTF Operative. The Operative’s eyes are closed and his hands are folded in his lap.)
INTERVIEWER: Analyst ██████, debriefing Operative Apprentice Pilgrim on the events of Operation Pheonix Phase 4. Please confirm you rank, name and posting for the record, please.
(The Operative remains silent, his eyes still closed.)
INTERVIEWER: …Operative?
(The Operative's eyes finally open and he places his hand on the table.)
PILGRIM: Apologies. I needed to finish my prayers.
INTERVIEWER: …Please confirm your rank, name and posting.
PILGRIM: Operative Apprentice Pilgrim, Combat Medic for Hoplite 1-1 of MTF Tau-44.
INTERVIEWER: You were one of two medics active during Phase 4 of Operation Pheonix?
PILGRIM: Correct, the other was Operative Veteran Logan. But… I’ve already given my report about Phase 4 of Pheonix to Analyst ███████.
INTERVIEWER: I’m aware and it's been read over thoroughly. I want to ask you about the incident during the operation where Senior Operative ███████████ and Operative Apprentice █████ were eliminated. The latter by your hand.
PILGRIM: Ah… that incident.
(Operative Pilgrim seems to sigh and flex his hands on the table top.)
INTERVIEWER: Go through it. Step-by-step for me.
PILGRIM: We were moving on OBJ 3, that is Objective 3, moving through a small township. We had been attacked multiple times by packs of Dash 2s-
PILGRIM: The quick way of calling out sightings of SCP-12062-2. Granted some of the boys were just calling them zombies.
INTERVIEWER: Right… So, objective 3.
PILGRIM: OBJ 3. We found a large cache of weapons, along with some deserted humvees and trucks. Orders were to plant explosives to deny the cache to the enemy and acquiring vehicles to assist us in achieving our objectives.I was ordered to check the humvees to see if they would actually drive and I also took the time to turn on their headlights.
INTERVIEWER: That was prudent to the mission?
(Operative Pilgrim looks at Analyst ██████ quizzically and shrugs.)
PILGRIM: Well we were using torches and glowsticks, I thought shedding a lil more light on the subject would help.
INTERVIEWER: So you held there while the explosives were set?
PILGRIM: Correct.
PILGRIM: We heard the sound of more Dash 2s heading our way so we locked down the perimeter with some of the guys getting on the humvees 50.cals.
INTERVIEWER: It's been reported that instances of SCP-12062-2 are attracted to noise, wouldn’t using non-suppressed weapons bring more down on you?
(Operative Pilgrim shrugs.)
PILGRIM: These things don’t die when you shoot them in the head. You needa hose them down. When I get to the otherside me and Mr. Romero will have a word about false information.
PILGRIM: Fuck I’m old… George A. Romero. Night of the Living Dead?
INTERVIEWER: Right. So you engaged this pack of SCP-12062-2?
PILGRIM: Us, being Hoplite 1-1, and Hoplite HQ, yes.They were coming at us from 3 directions and some of the Dash 2s were tougher than others so they were getting in the wire, for a lack of a better term. But they all went down eventually and then my real job started as a medic.
INTERVIEWER: Were there casualties?
PILGRIM: You would know…
(The Interviewer looks up from their notes.)
INTERVIEWER: Operative Pilgrim.
(Operative Pilgrim sighs and leans forward.)
PILGRIM: Yes, there were some injuries. Specifically Senior Operative ███████████ and Operative Apprentice █████, I patched up their wounds alongside Logan.
INTERVIEWER: What kind of wounds?
PILGRIM: Cut and bruises. I watched Operative Apprentice █████ get swiped across the face by a Dash 2. But then symptoms started.
INTERVIEWER: Can you please describe the symptoms?
PILGRIM: Upper respiratory distress, coughing and wheezing was the first indicator plus a feeling of paranoia. We were told what signs to look out for so we knew both Senior Operative ███████████ and Operative Apprentice █████ were infected. And Senior Operative ███████████ knew what needed to be done.
INTERVIEWER: And that's when they were both led away?
PILGRIM: By myself and the HQ fire team, yes. We entered a small building, a shop maybe? Away from the rest of the men.
INTERVIEWER: And that's where you executed Operative Apprentice █████.
PILGRIM: No. It was where Senior Operative ███████████ was executed at his own request. Operative Apprentice █████ didn’t understand what was happening until ███████████’s brains were decorated against a wall. And that's when he ran.
INTERVIEWER: So you chased after him?
PILGRIM: I did. I yelled for him to stop, I sighted him 100 metres out. He turned with his gun up… I shot first and he hit the dirt.
(Operative Pilgrim examines his hands.)
PILGRIM: Then I confirmed the kill with two rounds to his head. Logan then burnt the body.
INTERVIEWER: Your story matches with Logan’s and you followed protocol… Were you praying for your fallen comrades?
(Operative Pilgrim lets out a long laugh.)
PILGRIM: Counting sand on the beach would be a more fruitful task. No, I was making my bargains.
PILGRIM: I try and make deals with… the entities out there that might help me get an ideal death. Our line of work tends to lean towards gruesome and slow demises, I prefer to die a good death.
INTERVIEWER: Has anything answered?
(Operative Pilgrim stares at Analyst ██████ and smiles.)
PILGRIM: Not yet.