AUDIO RECORDED: 11/03/2021

Analyst ███████
Site-231 Intelligence Division

MTF Operative Veteran LOGAN
Detachment Medic, Hoplite 1 HQ


INTERVIEWER: Analyst ███████ here, debriefing Operative Veteran Logan on the events of March 7th, 2021. Please confirm your rank, name, and posting for the record.
LOGAN: OV. Logan. Platoon Medic for Hoplite 1.
INTERVIEWER: And you were active in your role as Detachment Medic on the night of the incident?
LOGAN: That's correct.
INTERVIEWER: In your previous report, you state your team received no casualties, that you simply arrived at your objective, held security for 25 minutes, and were then ordered back to base. Do you stand by this statement?
LOGAN: I do.
INTERVIEWER: Upon return to medical storage, it was noted that your surgical equipment had traces of fresh blood on it. Care to comment on why that could be?
LOGAN: Perhaps the infection control team failed to correctly clean my equipment after the last time it was in use.
INTERVIEWER: The blood was fresh, Operator.
LOGAN: Perhaps you've got the tools I used on the night confused with a different set. As I stated in my report, I treated no casualties.
INTERVIEWER: What about your Accuvac? There were traces of fluid found in the tubing. How did that get there?
LOGAN: It was raining. Maybe some water got in my pack and ended up in the tubing.
INTERVIEWER: Lets assume I believe what you're saying. You checked out with ten litres of saline supplies that night, and returned with none. Why would that be?
LOGAN: Maybe the quartermaster misplaced it. It was there when I handed in my pack.
INTERVIEWER: So I suppose the missing morphine and epinephrine was also in your pack when you handed it in?
LOGAN: That's correct. I checked in all my gear. What happened to the gear after I turned it in isn't my concern.
INTERVIEWER: All this missing medical equipment from your gear - it doesn't bother you at all?
LOGAN: Of course it bothers me - I'd hate to think someone might be stealing medical supplies.
INTERVIEWER: Alright. Let me ask about something else...
(The sounds of shuffling paper.)
INTERVIEWER: I have it listed here that the weapon you equipped yourself with was an AK-102 custom-built to take STANAG magazines. Is that correct?
INTERVIEWER: And the records show this is a common choice for you. Do you enjoy using that weapon platform?
LOGAN: Yes, I do.
INTERVIEWER: Upon return to the armoury, our gunsmith reported large amounts of powder residue. He concluded the weapon had been discharged. If you never came into contact, why would that be?
LOGAN: I did some target practice at the range when I got back.
INTERVIEWER: We checked the logs. You never signed in at the range.
LOGAN: Guess I forgot to sign the book.
INTERVIEWER: Operator, I find it very hard to believe all these coincidences just happened at once.
LOGAN: What you do and don't believe matters little to me.
INTERVIEWER: I'm putting you on notice. We'll be chatting again soon.
LOGAN: So be it.