Detachment 1 Staff,

O3.STOOD has been decommissioned and O3.BLACKOUT has been transferred to Tau-44 to assume his duties.

Unfortunately - despite our best efforts - the engram of Taylor "STOOD" Lewis is unrecoverable and will remain so for the foreseeable future. All three attempts made to write the engram to a host body have resulted in violent attacks on nearby site staff, followed by attempts to recreate imagery of SCP-12936 in his own blood. This behaviour is accompanied by the constant muttering of the phrase "harmony is not with us". The failed engrams were successfully detained or terminated in each case.

Due to the significant security risk posed by this engram, it is the recommendation of my technical staff that it be decommissioned immediately and discharged from the program until such time as it can be rehabilitated.

A transfer and replacement has been appointed to Detachment 1 Team 2 "Centurion". Effective immediately, O3.BLACKOUT is to undergo formatting for engram functionality, after which he will assume the team leadership role and all responsibilities thereof.

Task Force Commander
MTF Tau-44 "Phalanx"